The Den Archive is the best in the biz, your one stop go to shop for illustration and creative problem solving.

Brainstorming, Mindmapping & Visualization- an hourly service offered to help get your ideas flowing, your thoughts to paper, and your team participating creatively to solve complex problems, record keynote speaker highlights, and create a finalized piece of artwork you can share with your company, team, and posterity. 

Freelance Illustration- Editorial, children's book, comics & music merch promotion & posters. Have an idea?.. Don't hesitate to ask

Custom Portraits- Creatively market yourself or brand, family portraits from photos, & wedding announcements or gifts

Live Event Drawing- An hourly service or flat rate by the scope of the project. I come to your event, set up, draw your guests, and they take home a lovely hand drawn portrait to remember the occasion with an online shareable gallery. I can draw you at your wedding, your guests, pop up events, conferences, entertainment for corporate events. You name it, I can show up and draw it!

Murals & Large Scale Painting- With a background in mural work for over 10 years, these concepts can easily be flipped to large scale for murals, promotion, signage and transportable murals (large scale paintings that you can take with you, if you move locations)