Welcome to the The Den Archive Blog

Thank you for joining me on these creative endeavors, Over the past 3 years, The Den Archive has worked with so many amazing families, who shared some amazing stories of love, friendship, and passion for life. I want to thank all of you now who have worked with me and supported The Den Archive by commissioning original artwork. It has been a pleasure helping you come up with a lasting memory through my artwork. Now, we are taking it to the next level with live event drawing. Book The Den Archive for your next event to add some creative fun, a personal touch, and a unique gift for your guests as well as yourself. 

Here are some of the services The Den Archive offers (and in no way is limited to) 

Event Drawing- Hire me for up to 3 hours to set up and draw people at your event. The set up is simple. I will sit and can draw 1 or 2 people per drawing, scan the image for you to keep and share with your guests, while your guests get to keep their drawing. Makes a great addition to your guestbook, is a bit different than a photo booth and works as a great parting gift. Your event logo can be added to these drawings before hand if requested.

Pop Up/Market- I will draw at your pop up or market for free, but charge your guests/patrons $15/1 person $25/2 people. 

Event Painting- Just want a painting to capture the whole wonderful day? Commission a painting of your event where I can set up prior to and start your painting to capture the location, feel, lighting, and decor.  Choose your sixe 11x14" ,18x24" ,or 24"x36" 

Murals and Sign Painting- Just that. In need of a handpainted sign, mural, large painting or any other commissioned work, feel free to inquire.

Brainstorming Sketch Sessions- Need an artist to bring your ideas to life and encourage more free-flowing problem solving with imagery? Hire me by the hour to bring those amazing ideas to fruition.

I'm so excited to work with you,


Justine Beech

owner The Den Archive